“Dream Job” …. Is it still a dream??

I had a wonderful day today. You can check my Daily Routine here. Thank you all so much, for all the comments. I am really overwhelmed and happy.

Coming to today’s topic. How many of you have heard the term “Dream job”? . How many of you really had one ?. How many of you really know what you are going to work on in your first job?. These are some unanswered question in everyone’s life.Usually when we get an offer , to some extent the hiring manager/team knows our skill set and even when they explain about the job, about what you are going to work on, as a recent graduate we wont have the ability to comprehend all the details. It always takes a few months  to understand the dynamics of the team and what our responsibilities are. After few years of working , when I see the recent graduates who joined my company I feel  that they are lost to some extent. Some things that you can do so that you know what you are getting into and ramp up faster are
*Understand what the title of the job really means, it can give you an idea of the responsibilities.
*Try to talk to some one whom you know and does a job with similar title to understand what he/she feels about the job
*Try reading some information about the company and what they do.
*If they mention any tools try to learn how to use them.
* Always look at the big picture, what are you going to do and how if affects the company.

It is very sad that none of our school/college education really exposes us to the reality of work life. They only form a base and after that we have to be smart enough to take it from there. Especially in US most of us after we graduate due to visa or to pay off your student loan will be forced to get a job first than to think about what you really want to do.  For others who have the choice, make the right decision so you dont land up in a job and experience a lot of surprises. The main thing to keep in mind is after your first job, the” title” sticks to you. You have to make efforts to change the field if you really have to . So good luck and be wise.Sometimes it is just destiny and you cant do much, but always try to take charge of you career. If you dont ,no one will do it for you .Please share your thoughts so I can know  how many of you really knew what you were going to do and how many of you had no idea about what was in store for you. Good night and meet you soon with another topic.