How to make Hulk Dosai

Hope all of you had a wonderful day. This is my first recipe post. I just wanted to start with a simple one. I made this for dinner tonight and also from reading this post ( my friend asked me to post this recipe. This  is more healthier than normal dosa as it has more protein from dhall. Pesarattu is a famous dosa of Andhra.Since it is green in color I introduced this to my son as “HULK” dosa. He likes the character hulk  and he thinks if he eats this he will be as strong as hulk.I got this recipe online but made a slight modification so my kids can eat too.Coming to the recipe

*Soak 2 cups whole moong dhal with 1/2 cup rice for 5-6 hours. Usually I soak this in the morning before I go to work. I tried with 1/4 cup rice but it did not come out crisp. We usually like crisp dosa and in some recipes online they mentioned to add rice flour. When I tried that method it did not taste good.

                                                    Soaked moong dhall+rice

* Evening after I come from work I grind this mixture into a nice batter consistency. All recipes online  ask you to grind onions,ginger and green chillie along with soaked moong dhall and rice, when I did that my kids did not  like it as it was spicy.So I grind (green chillie+ginger )mixture (sometimes I will add coriander leaves or kothamalli for extra flavor) separately by adding some water and will keep it aside.

*I grind this mixture separately so I can control the spice level. For my kid’s I will just add salt to batter and make dosa and for us I will add the (green chillie+ginger) mixture  and make it.

*On a griddle spread the batter similar to how you make dosa and sprinkle some onions and oil.

                                                       Spread batter on a griddle
*Flip it when done on one side.

Flip it when done on one side
*Serve it with coriander chutney. Yum!!!

Please try this out and let me know if you liked it.