Are you a wantrepreneur?? Read more to find out

Gone are those days where you have a permanent job (8 am-5 pm) and no one can fire you until your retirement age.In the modern world nothing is permanent. Your company can fire you any time.When your company gives you a laptop you are so happy because you got a free laptop,but in reality it is a way to make you work anywhere and anytime.So at some point in life you start thinking why should  I work for some one else?  why cant I run my own firm or business and work with flexibility??. Especially moms think about this as they will have more flexibility. If you read this post mind games you will understand why. Recently I have been talking to many of my friends and  most of them are thinking about other options though they have a steady source of income through a daytime job. I know some of my friends/family who took the risk and started their own business. I really admire your courage and your family for supporting you. Starting your own business is not easy
*it is very risky
*you need capital
*trust worthy people around you
*a good business idea that can easily reach people and have a good profit margin
*family support to let you follow your dreams as you will not have much time to spend with them.

So someone who is ready to do all the above  has to still  be able to quit his/her job and take the risk. Initial few years will be tough, then when things pick up you can reap your efforts. No pain, no gain. So for all those out there who have some or other business ideas and haven’t jumped in yet, I consider you all as “WANTREPRENEUR’S”. I am a big fan of the TV series “SHARK TANK”, where people come up with small ideas to start a business and get investments to grow big. I keep discussing different business ideas with my husband here and there. But I haven’t yet found the right one that suits me. I really feel that people who turn their passions into business succeed better than people who try to do business for money. For example musicians or singers like AR Rehman turn their talent or passion into a way to make money and they  have really gone to heights. Not everyone is lucky or gifted like that. For all those who are wantrepreneurs like me keep researching on what you like and what will align with your passion and so you can make money out of it even after retirement. Good luck and share your thoughts on what you think about this post.