Easy home-made health-mix recipe !!

I want to share this healthy porridge recipe known as health-mix or Sathu maavu (in Tamil). I got this recipe from my mother-in-law. We drink this everyday morning since it is much healthier than cereal or any other breakfast. We avoid cereal in our house since it has too much sugar and it is highly processed.  Once you buy the required ingredients online or from store this porridge mix  is very simple and easy to make. Sometimes people use this mix and make some sweets as well. It had a lot of goodness in it that makes it a wholesome meal. It is high in protein and will help in weight loss. It is a healthy breakfast for kids and old people as well.

Ingredients required are :

Sabudana – 2 pounds

Barley -2 pounds

Millets -2 pounds

Roasted gram– 2 pounds

Wheat grains – 2 pounds

Raw peanuts – 2 pounds

Corn grains – 2 pounds

whole green gram – 2 pounds

Ragi – 2 pounds

Cashew nut – 1/2 cup

Almonds – 1/2 cup

Cardamon – one handful


Dry roast all these ingredients separately on low flame until raw smell is gone. Then mix them and let it cool. It will look like this




Store this mix and grind as and when needed in a blender. If you get only powdered ingredients (for example ragi)  instead of grains you can dry roast the powder  and add it to the final powdered mix. I usually grind the mixed ingredients in batches and store them so the flavor is preserved. Once you grind it, it will look like this



To prepare kanji porridge:

Take 2 cups of water and add four tablespoons of the flour and mix till it dissolves. Then turn on the flame and stir till the mixture gets thick then turn off the flame. Add boiled milk and sugar to it.  Other alternative method is to mix buttermilk with it .It tastes really yum !!!.

If you are sick you can have it with rasam (tomato soup) also.


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