Do you believe in fate??

Past one  year I have been hearing a lot of death news. Every time I hear such news , especially when dear ones or young kids or parents of young kids pass away , I feel really sad and it is hard to digest.

When I was discussing this with my father-in-law, he told me a wonderful story on how fate plays a vital role in every ones life. Death date is marked once you are born.Read the story below to know what I am talking about.

“Indrani wife of Lord Indra had a pet parrot which was nearing its end of life. However Indrani loved the parrot so much that she did not want it to die and asked Indra to save the parrot from Death. Lord Indra went to Lord  Brahma the creator and requests to save the parrot. Brahma said creation of life  is my job and protecting is not. It is taken care by Lord Vishnu.
They both meet Vishnu and seek his help. Lord Vishnu said  that though his role is to protect, since the parrot is at the fag end of its life it is hard for him to protect the parrot. Siva takes care of destroying life and may be we should go to him.


Siva on hearing the details said that destroying life is delegated to Lord Yama and he only can save the parrot. So the four of them Lord Indra, Lord  Brahma , Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva meet Lord Yama.

Lord Yama on seeing his bosses wants to know the purpose of their visit. After hearing  about Indrani’s parrot , he  explains the process he follows to bring death to someone.  And the process is as below.

Every life’s fate is decided at birth. When a particular event happens in ones life , that will mark the end of their life.

That particular event  is written in a label (oolai suvadi in tamil) and is hanging in a room that contains the labels of every ones life.
When that particular event occurs , automatically the label with that particular persons name falls down.
Whenever a label falls down all  that Lord Yama has to do is pick up the label find the name on that label and do things accordingly.
But Lord Yama  says that there is one way in which he  can save the parrot.
He can go into the room and if the label of the parrot doesn’t fall down , he can re-write the event and see if the parrot becomes healthy.
All of them agree and all of them enter the room

As they enter the room they see a label falling down.
Yama picks up the label and to every one’s surprise he notices that it is of the parrot and hence the parrot dies.

Now knowing the parrot has died they were anxious to know what was written on the label.

It was written “The moment Indra Brahma Vishnu Siva &Yama enter this room the parrot will die” and since all of them entered the room the parrot dies”.

In life we never know what is in store for each one of us.I think every time I hear a sad news from now on, I will just remember this story and console myself saying all this happens since it is destined to happen.

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