Stop eating bleached garlic !!!

Garlic is a very important ingredient in most of our household. We buy them in bulk/small packs and use them in most of our recipe. Garlic is very good for our health and  also has many medicinal values. It is very important to buy  local organic  garlic, read more to know why.

We went on a 2 month vacation and I accidentally left the remaining garlic at home. When we came back from vacation I was surprised to see that the garlic remained fresh and never spoiled. This is when I started to research more on garlic.

In general it is a good practice to check the source of our  food  ingredients. There are garlic in the market that are a product of China. These days most of the electronics and toys  we buy  are "made in China". But we have to be more careful if it is something that we consume. I found an interesting fact that around 80% of garlic worldwide are imported from China. That is a pretty big number. In the United States California was called the "Garlic Capital" . Now California's production has dropped down to 40% and "China Garlic" is forcing garlic production to shut down in California.


I found that the garlic I had bought was a product of China as well. The garlic from China contains toxic pesticide. Long exposure to these toxic pesticides could cause serious harm to our health. These garlic are bleached and roots removed to increase shelf life.  Exposure to such harmful substances could cause  respiratory and central nervous disorders. It also contains other harmful substances including sulfates and lead. Consuming such garlic will reduce its medicinal value and will lead to more health issues. If  the size of the garlic pods are uniform and they dont have roots then it could be genetically modified.


Next time when you buy garlic make sure you buy local organic garlic and do avoid China Garlic at any cost.In general it is a good practice to consume local foods or even better grow your own.

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