Simple quick yummy pizza recipe

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What an amazing weekend. Did so much with kids and friends that I am all excited for the week (just kidding).  We did so many things that I am planning to write about each one of them.
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 Today’s topic is about a method that we recently figured out on how  to make yummy pizzas at home.If you have a Trader Joe’s store somewhere nearby I consider you lucky . We have one so I am lucky !! . They sell pizza dough ready made that you have to use within 3-4  days. There are three varieties whole wheat, plain and garlic and herb. We always buy it and have it in our fridge. Now let us see what all we need and how we can make yummy pizza’s.

                              Yum , healthy whole wheat crust pizza ready for lunch.

Things you need:
*pizza dough

Trader Joe’s pizza dough

*marinara sauce: Any marinara sauce you get from the store click here to see it.
*Cheese: Mozzarella shredded or cut into small pieces.
*veggies for toppings : Anything you wish, we usually use
         *different color bell peppers
         *minced garlic
         *sun dried tomatoes
         *jalapeno/pine apple
*Pizza stone : Very useful and comes out well when you use a pizza stone. We have this one.Click here to see it . Have been using it for a year now and no complains. Just follow the instructions , dont drastically heat or cool it immediately and gentle soap wash after use, the stone will stay for a longer time.
*Pizza peel: You need this to take your pizza out from the oven. Try to get an aluminum one, I have a wooden peel that peels out into layers. I am looking to buy an aluminium one. Click here to see it.

*Leave the dough out for sometime so it is not too cold when you try to flatten it.
*Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
*Cut all the veggies you want for toppings.
*Take the dough spread it evenly with a roller , use some all purpose flour if it is too sticky.
*Spread the marinara sauce evenly.
*Add all the toppings and cheese.
*Bake it in the oven, after it is preheated for around 10 minutes.
*Keep checking periodically  every 5 minutes after that until you feel that the crust and toppings are cooked well.
*Dont cook over  20 minutes, as it could over cook the pizza. Timing varies as it depends on how you roll it thin or thick but keep checking at least every 5 minutes until you feel that it is cooked well.                          

We all love this pizza as we can control the amount of cheese and the toppings. Also the base is  not frozen and the dough is made freshly.  Try this, enjoy and let me know what you think. To check out other recipes click this.