Thinkery ..Does it really make kids think??

Hi Everyone…Hope all of you are having a nice week.I am still sailing through the week waiting for the  long weekend.
 Today’s topic is about a Children’s museum that we visited on Saturday with our kids and friends. It is is Austin and is called “Thinkery”. Around 3 weeks back if you had asked me what is thinkery? I would have not had an answer. Recently one of our friends visited this place and told us about it. It is a real cool place that I recommend everyone in Austin to visit it with their kids. The building looks like this

Thinkery building 
There are so many fun activities for the kids. My kids are 3 1/2 years and 1 1/2 years old. I was surprised that they had fun things for most age groups to work on. I would like to highlight some of the fun activities that we did
*As soon as we entered there were some train tracks that my daughter loved.
                                                 Riya playing with the train tracks
*There were glass walls that the kids could paint and then spray water and clean it, the kids loved it.
*There were many wooden blocks that was painted with magnetic paint that could stick on the walls. The kids can use their imagination to build blocks on the walls.
*The market place was a lot of fun, the kids could buy wax carrots, peaches, onions . My son bought all the fruits and veggies.
                                                          Pranav buying veggies
*Upstairs there are so many water activities, there were drums and water droplets that falls on them made sound.
                                                      Riya playing in water drums
*There was also a pump mechanism that filled the containers with water when you turn a knob and then splash when the container is full. My son loved it and was doing it again and again.
*After that we just visited the dark room with lot of small lights and frozen shadows.
*Then we went to the backyard where they had fun in the small pool.
We really loved the place. We also got a annual membership that allows unlimited visit for  4 person for 95$.One good thing about the membership was , it was valid for a year from the month of purchase rather than a fixed 12 month period like Jan-Dec.We enjoyed seeing our kids smile and have fun. The 3 hours we were there flew away  and it was very tiring for us and the kids. Kids slept well that night :). I think every city should have a children’s museum that makes kids think. Yes, thinkery is wonderful and I recommend parents in Austin to take their kids at least once to enjoy the wonderful experience. To know more information visit thinkery website. Also read other posts related to kids and share your thoughts click here.