Ketchup Rice

Hello Everyone. Just got over with the hump day of the week and waiting for the weekend. Ketchup is my son’s favorite. So I converted tomato rice into ketchup rice. To make it more interesting I add spinach, soy chunks (meal maker) click here to see it , it is really healthy and high in protein and  roasted and unsalted peanuts click here to see it   Since we normally eat brown rice, I will cook the rice in the morning or day before, so it is easier to make it in the evening after I come from work.This is how I make it

Tomatoes -small ones 6

Onions -2 large onions finely chopped

Spinach- finely chopped  2 hand fulls

groundnuts -2 handful roasted

meal maker -2 handful, salt added and microwaved in water for 2 minutes
cooked rice 2 cups (I have used brown rice)
For tadka:
mustard (kaduku), chana (kadalai parupu) dhall, curry leaves and some green chilies.
salt and sambar powder to taste
*Heat a pan and add oil, then add the ingredients mentioned in tadkha.
*After mustard splutters add onions. Then add salt ,since salt will help to cook onions faster
*After onion is cooked add tomatoes
*Then add spinach, meal maker and some sambar powder.

*After spinach is also cooked add rice and mix well
*Check salt and add more if required.
*Finally add the roasted peanuts and serve it with raita.

My son just loves it and this is the only rice item he has taken to school till date. Try this and let me know if you liked it. Please add your thoughts on improving this recipe. If you want to know on how to make hulk dosai click here .