What is the right age difference between kids?

Hope all the mothers had a nice mothers day weekend. I had a wonderful weekend  we met a lot of our friends and  all ready for the week.

Coming to today’s topic,I have a sibling to know more read this post Sweet sibling. The question that I get asked often is ” What do you think is the right age difference between kids?”. When I was going to have my daughter, I read a lot of forums and blogs on”what is the right age gap between kids?”. I never got a good answer. Whatever I read said that it depends on you and your family. To some extent that is true. My kids are 2 years apart and after experiencing this age gap I kind of figured out the pros and cons of having them close.
*Since I had delivered my daughter 2 years after delivering my son , it was easier with respect to the whole delivery process.
*Baby related things was  fresh in my memory , in fact within 2 years we forgot some of the things but most of it came back.
*The closer age gap between the kids they play with each other better.
*They are like friends rather than a big bro/ little sister.
*Able to do the same activities with each of them. Though my son is 3 1/2 and my daughter 1 1/2 my son is still young and he enjoys the baby games I play with my daughter.
*As they grow you can enroll them in the same school and pick up and drop will be easier.
*Deal with the same age related  issues pretty much around the same time.
* I have heard that as they grow they will be close with each other as well.
*Initial few years are very tough for you as parents.
*You need help for a longer period of time and your older one is still a baby.
*As a mom I went through so much emotionally thinking of how my son and how he will cope up with my daughters arrival.
*Paying for two kids day care at the same time is surely a financial stress, sometimes makes me think if it is worth working at all.
*Everyone told me it is tough , including my mom and she asked me if I was insane to have two kids with such smaller age gap.
*Changing diapers for 2 people at the same time was tough.
*Monetarily it will be tough if you don’t plan ahead.
*Both of them will go to college around the same time 
Whatever age difference your kids are I really feel you need very good planning. Planning is the only thing that will help you. Also dont worry too much about your first kid. I was very much worried about my son the real fact is, every kid knows how to grab his/her parents attention, and as parents we all will always do our best to keep each of them comfortable. Share your thoughts on this and good night.