The First !!!

The weather is Austin is very very gloomy and I know most of us don’t have the mood to do anything. We were  just lazing around and my son finished one activity book that I just got him yesterday. Time to find another one for him now.

 My mom retired this weekend, I wish her a happy retired life !!!

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We all are always excited about “The First”  things that happen  in our life. We are very happy when we walk first, talk first, learn and explore things first, get appreciated first, first day of college, first job, first bike, first car,first flirt, first love, first kiss, first kid etc..

The first things are exciting since there are many unknowns in them. The moment you know more about it , it becomes boring. Life is a journey where we seek these first things that makes us happy.

I talked about all the best first things, but what really shapes a person is how  he/she reacts to the first worst things that happen  Your first trial where you could not talk or walk, the first failure, be it in exam, life ,love etc.

 I still remember the day I failed on my car driving test,  I cried saying “I have never failed in anything in my life”. May be that was bad.

 Now I believe firmly  that, these first fails teach you a lot more.It makes you tough and makes you move towards the goal. I  wish you all good luck and also some good failures from which you learn many things. Life is a cycle of good and bad things, we all are happy during good things but have to learn how to handle the worst. Good night , share your thoughts and meet you soon with another topic on Wednesday.