A surprise visitor !!!!

Hello All, The weather in Austin certainly doesn’t  feel like spring. It is March and we  have school  closure due to bad weather tomorrow.Is this due to “global warming??”.

A.R Rahman is coming to different cities in North America to perform. Check out  the concert dates here AR Rahman’s Intimate Concert 2015 dates. He is coming to Austin on June 4th. He is my all time favorite and check out my previous post about him The Oscars. Both me and my husband love his songs, we are thinking on how we both can go to the concert and what to do with the kids. Please post  any ideas on how you all are planning it. Since the concert starts late and ends late in the night, I dont know how it will work with sitters to watch the kids.

There is a very nice dicer on sale for 15.99 check this out Nicer Dicer plus. It is a very good purchase for this price.

These days, we are very busy and  we dont have time to call and entertain people at home. Weekends fly just like that in preparing for the week. I feel things are very very mechanical. My brain has some things recorded which it plays everyday. This is when I think it would be nice to be in a profession like acting or singing or something related to art where you work for sometime and take a nice break before next project (Grass on the other side is always greener).

Yesterday my husband stepped out to pick up a package and he came inside and asked me to see what was there, since something  was hiding near the corner of our door. At first I thought it was a mouse. To my surprise it was a rabbit !!. My kids were  excited to see the rabbit !!!.

We gave her some water and carrots. We really wanted to have her as a pet, after thoughts we decided not to. I left a small blanket outside for her, since it was very cold. She never moved while we were watching her. Then we slept.
First thing in the morning after we woke up, my son wanted to see the rabbit, so I opened the door but she was gone. He was very sad, so was I 🙁 . He kept asking me where and why the rabbit went away. .I just told him that the rabbit’s mother came and took her away. He then looked at me and said  “Amma ,I love you , I know you will come and get me, if I am lost”. These words melted my heart.
Some times in a busy life we never get the time to tell our kids that we are there for them, but somehow they know it. I am happy we got a chance to talk about it  through this rabbit. Good night and share your thoughts, stay tuned for another post on Sunday.