Is Rape new ??

Hello All, the school closure kept us busy today, managing kids and working from home is the toughest thing and I did it again.  Was very pleased with the weather though.

My favorite Thai restaurant has a deal Thai Passion. They have very good food , think I went there too much during pregnancy due to cravings and my kids really love their food now.

I saw the documentary on the gang rape that happened in Delhi, India. Is rape new ?? Rape is prevalent in our old epic stories, then it is very much prevalent during World War times , search for “comfort women”  to know more about it. It is still there.

What really new is  that they make a  documentary on  it and why is BBC worried about it??  “Pure money” they will surely make more  money out of this whole thing right??.

When I take back my memories of being a teenager,  I was never allowed to be outside the house beyond 7 p.m. I used to hate my parents for this strict rule. I am pretty sure most of you will be able to relate to this. I never understood why. These rape cases gave me the answer.

I read many comments on this documentary on Face Book , but what we have to understand is  we can never change things over night,especially in Indian community. I read an article few weeks back with title “Women can’t have it all”. Even if we shout and preach about “Equality” for years ,we are still not there yet. Even if you are a VP/CEO of a company, in  Indian families ,when lunch or dinner has to be served on the table everyone looks at the woman of the house.

Things are changing a lot in Indian families that have settled/been abroad. In India, most of the things are still the same. If I was in India , on seeing this documentary I might have thought “Why did this girl go out that late”. When I sit in US and see the documentary I can talk other way.

The saddest part of  “RAPE” is . it is not just an issue by itself. There are so many things entangled along with it. We can’t free the thread  unless we free each knot one at a time .I dont think there will be any change in the situation unless people have a broader look on things, moms talk to sons about treating women, break the disparity between the rich and poor, media stop showing women as sex dolls, people stop having kids that they cant raise, deviate the minds of young guys and girls in the right direction etc.

Please share your thoughts. All said,  I am a mom and I have a daughter and I can feel the pain !!!.