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When you say “Mylapore”, to people in Chennai they only think of a suburb in Chennai City. For most people in Sacramento/Tahoe area this means something else. Immediately they would say “very good and tasty food”. They can connect it to only “Mylapore” the Authentic South Indian vegetarian restaurant that is located in the heart of Folsom city in Sacramento, California. San Francisco and other areas near the bay, collectively called as “Bay Area” has many Indian restaurants. I personally know people who drive from Bay area to Folsom, just to taste the food from this restaurant. Most Indians who have visited Lake Tahoe have already discovered this amazing restaurant on their way to Tahoe. Whenever I go to California, I will never miss an opportunity to eat in Mylapore.

What is so great about this restaurant?? . In US, we have seen that many Indian restaurants pop up; initially their food is very good and tasty but gradually its quality decreases and when people are not really happy about the restaurant, it vanishes. Mylapore on the other hand was opened in 2008 and till today, maintains its quality and taste. How is this even possible? . They cook food fresh everyday and the Thali menu changes every day. Coconut is ground every 2 hours or as needed with fresh coconut.The owner of this restaurant takes comments and feedback’s very seriously and is constantly thinking of innovative ways to improve the restaurant and the service to its customer. 

Check this website to know more about the menu items in Mylapore Restaurant . You will notice that all items on the menu are under $10 which makes this restaurant very affordable. Latest top 10 dishes in the restaurant are

1.      Chinna Vengaya Uthappam
2.       Mini Tiffin
3.      Mylapore Special Dosai
4.      Paratha Vegetable Kurma
5.      Cauliflower 65
6.      Vegetable Briyani
7.      Onion Rava Dosai
8.      Poori masala
9.      Poongal Vadai
10.   Kothu Parotta

They also deliver food within 4 mile radius (wish it was 4000 miles J). Recently they have introduced a 16 oz plan which includes 4 boxes of 16 oz sambar, rasam, kootu and curry. This is an amazing plan. Also they have many specials going on, from time to time.

In India, women get a lot of break from kitchen either through good restaurants, where they can eat out or through weddings and other functions where they can just go and eat. In the US, these two are very rare and whenever I take a break from kitchen and eat out, I feel guilty of feeding my family junk food. If there is a restaurant like Mylapore near my house, I will never worry about it. Hope we have some restaurants like Mylapore or even a branch of Mylapore in other cities in US (first one being in Austin, yes I am a little selfish). People  in Folsom, I really envy you 🙂