P.K. at home??

Hello All, Hope your week is sailing through  well. I think you all know about the second AR Rahman show being held in Austin on June 5th. Check out this page AR Rahman concert to know more updates.

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Last time when we went to India, we got some CD’s on stories of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna. Also we got a “Hanuman” book to read to our kids. These days we show them those CD’s and also read the  book to our kids. Poor kids, they are very confused and always have trouble  in identifying the Gods. My daughter will just say elephant god for Ganesha and monkey god for Hanuman. My son is little older and he keeps asking so many questions. He doesn’t like it when Lord Ganesha fights with Lord Shiva. He is very confused as to why suddenly there is a snake in Lord Krishna’s story.

When we read about Ramayana to him , he is very very upset as to why all Gods fight so much with each other. He always asks  “Who is peace God amma?”.

If you have read this post “I love the traffic these days, want to know why??” I have mentioned that we teach slogams to our kids during the morning drive to school. After chanting slokas I will usually put some devotional songs, today I showed a song on Goddess Durga. He saw a picture where Goddess Durga was sitting on a lion. He got really scared and asked me , “Will that god run away when the lion roars”. I could not control my laughter. I tried to explain to him that the lion will not roar and the goddess is more powerful. He did not seem convinced.

As I listened to all his questions, I am confused about my beliefs now. I am not an atheist, but I am confused as to  why we have so many gods in our mythology and why there is always a fight to show the good is more powerful than evil. Also I wonder how I took all that what my parents said. Kids these days are more curious about everything.

I think most of you might have watched the P.K. movie. I really liked the concept and the way it was filmed.  These days I feel like I am watching that movie all over again everyday , only change is that my son is Aamir Khan and his name is Pranav Krishnamurthy (P.K.).I feel the same way I felt for Aamir Khan in that movie when I see my son. Please share your thoughts. Have a nice rest of the week. See you on Sunday with another interesting post..Stay tuned 🙂