Medicine a service or business??

Hello All,  hope your weekend is all good. Spring weather is really nice and it feels good to get out of the house. Very busy weekend :).

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Recently I had a very bad lower back pain. I saw a physiotherapist and went for 5 sessions. Later I saw the bill coming home. Since I haven’t met my deductible yet I had to pay most of the session charges and I found that the amount they charged was ridiculous for the exercises I did there. When I called and asked them , they said it the correct amount and I have to pay it now.  It is very clear that the whole medical industry is turning out to be an excellent business these days.

The worst part is my pain is not gone yet and it never got better. So I stopped going for the sessions and trying to do exercises at gym. All this makes me feel that there is no link between medical industry and service.

Then I saw this interesting video by Dr B.M Hegdhe.

After watching video, I understand how we all are trapped by this big industry. Most doctors just go by the books.I have always wondered how they come up with the normal values for sugar, RBC ,WBC  and platelets count in blood, cholesterol e.t.c.  For some people the levels may not be under normal level and immediately the doctors attack them with a fear that something will happen and treat them unnecessarily.

There are also very few doctors who never treat unless it is necessary. Last time when we went to India, my daughter had mosquito bite infection. We took her to a well known pediatrician , when me and my husband asked him what we can do to make her feel better, he immediately said “pack your bags and go back to the US so you can free her from mosquitoes”.

Most doctors are not like this and as Hegdhe mentions in the video, the drug industry lures the doctors with money and they treat and put innocent people under medication that is really not necessary. He also talks about more interesting things in the full video. If you are looking to read  a book that was written by him What doctors dont get to study in medical school check this out.Please share your thoughts on this. Have a nice week ahead.