Want to know about an habit that spoils your day??

Hello All, it is Wednesday 10 pm. As promised , I am here with the article, on a habit that spoils your whole day.

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I  always wondered what data structure the brain made of. It is a queue?? or  linked list ?? . I dont know what search algorithm it uses.  It also controls many actions of our body. Don’t you think it is our duty to keep it in good shape??

So what does the brain really need ??. We think that we work the whole day and we are tired  by the end of the day and we do nothing when we sleep. A recent research has shown that during sleep ,our brain does the below things :

*Makes decisions : It processes all the information of that day.  All this processed information  during night will be used while making decisions during the day.
*Creates and consolidates memories: It consolidates all the memory and links between old and new
*Makes creative connections: Sleep is a powerful creativity-booster. During sleep , brain can make creative connections that it cannot make during the day.
*Clears toxins out: Brain does a lot of housekeeping during sleep.If we dont have a good nights sleep, our brain will not be able to clear out the toxins which when collected over period could lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
*Learns and remembers how to perform physical tasks: It remembers how some routine tasks have to be done. This is one of the reasons kids need more sleep.

Also to get a good night sleep, we should avoid reading books in our bedroom, as an interesting book could keep you awake, do a lot of physical activity during the day, keep your bedroom dark and  dont have a TV in your bedroom. Basically the mind should associate your bedroom to only sleep.

One major habit, which I think really keeps us all awake is checking our smart phone near bed.  The light from the phone keeps us awake since the brain thinks it is still day time.If you dont get a good 7-8 hrs sleep your brain does not do any of the above things and finally you struggle the next day at work and it spoils your whole day. So keep this in mind and act. As usual share your thoughts on this topic .

Stay tuned to read about a topic related to “work life of a couple “on Sunday at 10 pm, have a wonderful night and sleep tight 🙂