Why do moms need a support group?

I have 8 years of parenting experience with my 2 kids. Parenting is something that was  self taught and most of it is on the job training. My life was very different before kids. Marriage was something new to me and 2 years into it I had my son then 2 years later I had my daughter. I kind of felt that everything went by so fast that I had no time to think about anything.

I have a very beautiful life , a loving husband and two wonderful kids and a challenging work . But I always wonder if I am really enjoying all that I have. My kids go to public school in the US. Their  bus comes  near our house at 6:53 AM. I wake my kids up around 5:45 to 6 AM .Give them milk and breakfast and then they take the bus. When I have my in-laws or parents visiting to stay with us, my kids come home by bus around 3:30  that is after 8 and half hours of them leaving home.  When I  dont have extended family staying with us I pick them up from after care around 5:30 which is 10 and half hours after I saw them in the morning .At that point when I meet them in the evening , I am already a squeezed lemon from work and chores. I  drive my kids to classes and  finally reach home around 7pm. Next question is “whats for dinner”? . Somehow I fix  dinner and then  I get 2 hours with them and I need to put them back to sleep by 9 PM. After that I make lunch for my kids , do dishes and close the kitchen by 10 PM . Next my mind will not rest , I will start to think about some logic that I left incomplete at work and will start working  . When I sleep it is almost  11 pm. This cycle repeats . In this if you closely watch I have only 1 and 1/2 hours time with my kid s in the morning and only 2 hours with them in the evening.I dont even want to go into the weekend routines which is literally preparation for  the weekdays to go on smoothly. I am pretty sure most of you can relate to this . I sometimes feel both me and my husband are robots ,working non stop and there is no way one can even get sick.In this I have no time to socialize and make mom friends with whom I can discuss the day to day problems.

My whole point of starting a group is to share what each of us do differently so we can  reduce / make things faster with better planning and learn from each other and share wonderful ideas and also make new friends. That is why I started with the breakfast ideas and lunch ideas. Every time when I plan ahead I feel I have full control of things and the day goes smoothly. Do join this group IndoUSMoms deals  . Also I look at deals regularly and if  there is something that think is useful I will surely share it in the group. Add your friends also to this journey .Thanks for  reading and leave a comment if you would like to say something.