Is there a way to stop growing old??

Happy weekend :). We are having a lot of fun this weekend will write more about the places we visited in the next few posts.
Last week we were showing our son all his baby and toddler  pictures and videos. It was real fun to watch all of them. My son could not stop laughing looking at how small he was.Then we realized that we dont have that many videos and pictures for our daughter. Of course our life has been very busy after the second kid , still we felt guilty that we didn’t take that many portraits and videos for her as we did for our son. From this week we are making conscious effort to capture her more and in that process we bought this Groupon for Picture people. This is a very good deal. One of our friends told us about this deal.
One thing I noticed when we were watching the pictures and video was that we looked young in those pictures and videos. I thought to myself “WOW!! I looked younger in that pic”. Then other circumstances when you generally  feel that you growing old are
*You see that first strand of grey hair
*When kids start calling you “Aunty” or “Uncle”
*When school kids who attended your wedding have graduated and come and stay with you when doing their Masters
*Recent college graduates joining your company look at you as a experienced person
*When you tell others your years of experience they say “Wow that is a long time”
*When you see a guy in a bike speeding and driving crazily you feel “Why is he doing this, he might just meet with an accident and die” rather than thinking he is enjoying his life.
*You dont like the trendy shirts that you used to wear and want to go more formal
*When you start realizing “How did my parents bring me up it is too hard to manage home,work and kids”
*When you go to a restaurant and eat a buffet and feel that, “Two years back I would have eaten more than this”
*When you think about your college days and think “Good old days”
*When you feel like “I used to remember a lot more before”
I can go on and on. There is no way we can stop growing old. Aging is inevitable, and it is very happy to see our kids grow and at the same time we feel sad to see our parents grow old and slow down. Little do we realize that there will be a role reversal soon and we will be in our parents shoes.