Did you all know about online Auto care??

Hello everyone,hope all of you had a wonderful day. Mine was good, I am getting ready for the weekend with just two more days of the week left.

In US, owning a car is not a luxury symbol like in India (at least it used to be luxury when I was young) ,it is a necessity. In order to avoid break downs and being stuck in the middle of the freeway on a sunny day with kids at the back seat, it is necessary to maintain your car well. One of our friend was driving his car for a long time with no idea that he had to do an oil change and one day his car gave up with smokes from the engine. To avoid all this both me and my husband will be very careful about general maintenance like oil change, if we suspect a tire alignment or even we have had situations to change battery, check brakes we will  immediately get it done.
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Usually when I have to get a oil change done, I would  call the Firestone near our house make an appointment, take my car and leave it there and then wait till it gets done and get it back. Last time when I did this it took a very long time. The person there told me that I can book an appointment online and specify that I will wait for the service to be done ,so they schedule it such a way that it is quicker.So two weeks back when I had to do it  I followed his advice, this is what you have to do:

*Select your nearest location
*Fill in your contact details
*Fill in vehicle and service type 
*Fill in details like you will leave your car there or wait till service done and also provide 2 options for date and time and confirm. Within 2 business hours of receiving your request they will process it and send confirmation for time and date.Then if you take your car at that time it is way quicker. 
Also you can get quotes for Tire alignment , Tire quote and Battery Quote online. Things are changing and Firestone is bringing Auto care online that will benefit most of us by saving time. We don’t have to go there and wait for longer period or wait on phone to talk to someone to get quotes and schedule appointments. I really love this idea and thought is worth sharing. Also Firestone offers online coupons which you have to always check and take a print out to show it to them. Please give me your feed back and also what other things you do to get a oil change done.