Places to visit in and around Austin

Had a wonderful weekend. I must say that the weather is still holding good.Today’s topic is about places to visit  in and around  Austin.Usually when parents/guest come to Austin or even if you are new to Austin we would like to explore places around Austin. Some places that are worth a visit are:

*Temples: All of you know the Austin Hindu temple(website), apart from that there is “Sai Baba temple” in Cedar park (website). We have also gone to the Temple,temple Texas (website) and the Meenakshi  temple in Houston (website).

* Mt Bonnel (website) a viewpoint of million dollar houses

* Penny backer bridge, right before you hit the bridge , there’s an area for off-road parking. Park, climb up the semi-hidden trail , and enjoy the magnificent view of the lake in the day,sunset or stars at night

*We went to a beautiful peacock park called the May field Preserve on 35th street . Kids had a lot of fun looking at the peacock. It is a must see in Austin.

*The Capital building on Congress Avenue is a good spot to hang around for some time.

*Mozart’s (website): This is a nice coffee shop in Austin by the lake,. A very good hang out place.

*Town Lake trail (Where to park): We always love to walk in this beautiful trail by the lake. There is a boat rental in this trail where you can rent kayak’s and enjoying kayaking in the lake. It is a must try and I highly recommend it.*Watch the Congress Street bats , by the bridge you will see millions of bats and it is a one time see.

* Board walk and brunch: We did this sometime last year. It is a very good place fro morning walks with the family. You can have brunch at La Cafe Crepe Board walk–>La Cafe Crepe

*A little drive from Austin:

*Schlitterbahn (website) water theme park. You can spend a hot day here . This in in New Braunfels, TX.

*San Antonio River walk: This is an artificial river 
River walk
*Natural Bridge Caverns (website): You can see different rock formations here. It is a very good one time thing. You can combine river walk and this together.
Formation in Natural Bridge Caverns
Stay tuned for more places. Have a nice week ahead. Also add other suggestions , will include them also in next post. To read other related posts click here and for money saving tips click here