Movie becomes a reality

Hello everyone, hope all is well. Happy Father’s day wishes to all the wonderful dads out there. Some of you must have read my post Being a Dad. I really admire all the wonderful dads. To celebrate Father’s day ,we took the kids  to the Peter Pan Mini Golf and then to the splash pad on Butler’s Park. The kids and their dads had a wonderful time.
For people in Austin who love Thai food this is a great deal  Thai Passion Groupon. We love the food in this place. Also I was surprised to know that we can sell used books in Amazon, Check out this link. It is a good way to get rid of old books.
All of you must be aware of the current news about “Chennai traffic stops for timely heart transplant to save a life”. I checked this news and was amazed by the way they did it. The heart to be transplanted was carried from Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital to Fortis Malar Hospital which is 12 KM away within 14 minutes. This was achieved by the co-ordination between the doctors in both hospitals and Chennai Police. Knowing the traffic in Chennai , I believe it is a big achievement.

As I was reading this news I was reminded of the movie “Chennaiyil Oru Naal (One day in Chennai)”, even that was based on a similar  incident that happened before that had the exact same story of how they bring a heart to be transplanted from one hospital to another. Finally,  I got to see one movie becoming reality. Hope we get to see an India ,as depicted in other movies like “Indian”, “Shivaji” ,” Swades” and people really act with responsibility.