Is India in safe hands??

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Coming to today’s topic, Narendra Modi  has released his 30 day performance chart. I admire this leader  for two main reasons

*I see him as a confident person with a good vision (Bot sure if everyone around him will let him perform)
*He has this responsibility of at least letting people know what he had done from the time he assumed office.
Modi government has released a 51/2 minute video clip explaining the achievements of the Government and also a letter.
Some of the things I liked from this press release are:
*He has clearly stated that his Government had no “Honeymoon” period. They had to start working right away.
*I like the initiatives they have taken to talk to all neighboring country leader.
*They are planning to build  4 hydro electric power plants projects utilizing the rivers of Bhutan. Some step to get electric power for India.
*More focus on Governance than Government. Not blaming anyone for anything.
*Trying to understand what is going on in individual states by  meeting the Chief Ministers.
*Idea box to get more ideas from people.
*Focusing bottom up that top to bottom.
*Improvements in the Indian Navy.
There might be flaws here and there, but I really appreciate the way that he communicates well with the citizens and we have  a Prime Minister who talks. Like all of you I will also continue following to see what things this government achieves during its terms, but I am positive that India is in good hands.