Transferring Money to India?? Beware of Scams

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Most of us who came to the US to do your Masters or work here at some point of time will transfer money to India either to repay a loan or for other investment purposes. There are so many methods through which you can transfer money like
*Western Union
*Wire Transfer
*Money order

We believe that all transfer methods are safe and always look for the quickest method due to the conversion rate changing everyday. One of my friend recently transferred money using to India. They have been using it for almost 2 years to transfer money with no issues.They also received a confirmation that  the money transfer has been complete. The recipient  in India did not receive the money.
This is kind of strange since it has always worked good for them. They further did a research to track the transfer and found that the money has been transferred to a different account than what they had requested for. So someone hacked their account and changed the details on the transfer. Further that person has also tried to transfer more money and somehow it got declined.
My friend has a long battle to fight to get the money back. After this happened I googled online for reviews on and found out that many people have been cheated like this and there are so many complaints. People even call it as a fraudulent service. I just wanted to share this incident with you all so that you can look for other ways to transfer money in case you are using currently. Also read reviews for any other transfer methods that you use.