Hello everyone…Hope your week is going good.  Football fever is all around. I am pretty sure most of you are following it. This year it is more interesting because most of the best teams are already out. We have to wait and see how other teams perform. At work I notice that all the break rooms are crowded and I hear a lot of cheers for the goals. If you want to watch it on TV ,laptop and phone you can sign up for Dish World Sports Package for just $10 a month.
There was an interesting Google doodle that depicted on how we all work when an important match is going on.Check this out Google doodle. This one was very hilarious and you should watch it.
Now coming to the interesting controversy of World cup football. You all must be following this news

“Suarez at center of another biting scandal”. When I read this news I was puzzled. I know that toddlers during teething will have a tendency to bite others. Here there is a 27 year old football player a dad himself who bites opponent teams mates to get what??. From his career I see that he is a very good player. He is a record scorer and has won so many titles. He has an history of biting and has been banned from several matches earlier because of this.

From the current incident, if the videos prove that he really did it he could be banned for at least 24 matches or 2 years. The social media has been making a lot of fun out of this whole thing and my favorite one is this
Have fun following all the matches. Dont miss tomorrow’s match US vs Germany. May the best team win :). For other related post click here.