Cheap and best entertainment for parents who visit US from India

Hi All, I am having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we went to the base ball game, today took the kids to Locomotion Inflatable and then to Mozart’s Coffee Shop. I must say the weather is still good in the late evenings in Austin.

When our parents visit US, we always find ways to make them feel at home. Since most parents don’t drive a car in the US and they cant take any public transportation to go out of the house, they are pretty much stuck in the house. The only way to entertain them is to have some Indian channels ,of course in some cases they are also engaged by playing with their grand kids still they need some time to relax.When our parents visited us, we browsed through all the options and finally found this cheap and best.

We bought  the Dishworld Roku offer, which includes  :13 English International TV channels, 6 Sports TV channels, Willow Cricket, foreign films new releases, classics, and 100’s of Bollywood movies and Indian titles. Included at NO COST!. Dish offers 180 channels in 15 different languages. Please select your language and proceed with the process.You pay a discounted $14.95 for the first three months. For a limited time take advantage of their special 50% off Roku 3 or Free Roku LT offers when you purchase 3 months of DishWorld at the discounted price of $14.95/month and an additional month at the regular price. Make one convenient payment for four months of your favorite Dish World programming and  they will  send your Roku with Free Shipping. Also you can set up the Roku in four simple steps:

*Sign up on Dishworld Website
*Plug your Roku into your TV
*Connect the Roku to your wi-fi network
*Select the dish channel on your TV screen.
Once you set up Roku you can also stream youtube on your TV. As I have mentioned in this post Save money now and thank me later 🙂 , we disconnected our cable and stream shows and baby shows through Roku now. This way you get Indian channels, Willow Cricket  and other international channels in one low price. Also for local channels you can get a TV antenna for as low as $8.99. The process is very simple and our parents were able to switch it on and navigate through it easily after doing it for a couple of times.  Doesn’t this sound like a sweet deal? 
Also tomorrow is the big day of IPL, the finals. To know more interesting fact about IPL 2014 check out this post IPL 2014 Interesting facts . It is the big finals between King XI Punjab Vs Kolkata Knight Riders. If you are wondering how to see the match check out this Willow Cricket plus 13 English International Channels for just $10. So you can watch the match in the phone through and app or on your TV. Enjoy tomorrows game and hope the deserving team wins. Please let me know your thoughts and what other options you all use.