Montessori way of teaching ..what is that?

Hello everyone , hope all of you had a wonderful day. We are always looking for ways to keep our son engaged. He really loves to connect dots to form pictures. I am thinking of ordering  A-B-C dot to dot and 1-25 dots to dots for him as they have very good reviews. If  he is occupied for sometime it is a big relief. Also if you are travelling with kids to India, I think it is a good idea to take some books that keep them occupied.

Coming to today’s topic, I have always had this question in my mind, why did I have to study so many subjects and so many topics under them  in my childhood?. Was it because some  people in academic board think that kids dont have anything else to do? . I do agree the fact that we have to expose kids to all subjects but to what level is always a question unanswered. I remember studying so much and in fact wasted most of my childhood thinking that is what is going to save me from all life situations.

Only after I came to US, to do my Masters, I really understood that all education that you receive is a small part of your life. You have to understand so many other things in order to lead your life. Just theoretical knowledge on any subject is waste. You need to think practically and implement things in some cases. Also learn people skills that are more important than anything. When I started work I just though I can come in and do my job and leave. Things dont work that way. You have a team and you need to be a team player. You should know how to get your work done even if it involves others in the whole equation. All that is what defines you as a successful employee at work. Most things we learn with age.

 I think it is a good practice to start teaching kids these skills early starting with how to handle conflicts of interest among peers, how to express what they think correctly, how to do their job by themselves, how to hold responsibility, practical life etc.  Teaching all this is the Montessori way of teaching. Montessori way of teaching is  hands on and applies to current generation  though it is a very old method and I think kids need to be exposed to this in the formative years. My son’s school does a god job on developing these skills in him, I really love the way they introduce new concepts in a fun way. Read more about Montessori education here . I would say 2 years might be the right age to make the switch and it is worth it. To read other posts on related topic click here