Are you a Costco member? Read this post II

Hope all of you had a wonderful day.My day was good with so many surprises. If you read this post  Our Wedding story, you will know that tomorrow is a special day for us.
I  also want to share with you, about something that I recently bought after searching through many websites,a small handy screw driver 30 in 1 Screw Driver For Housings and Office-Cell Phone, PDA , PSP, NDS, MP3,PC,Laptop etc. This is only $7.99 and free shipping. We use it for unscrewing most things as it has different heads. If you are looking for a small handy screw driver set ,this is the one.

Today’s post is the continuation of my previous post click here to read it . Other things that we buy from Costco are
* Toilet wipes and paper towels : With respect to paper towels look fro select a size. These paper towels are shorter in length so we dont use a large paper towel size to clean everything. Some thing like the one shown here

*Organic carrots, Blueberries and Strawberries: We buy other season produce like mangoes, small oranges, water melon  also, these items are always on the list though

*Snap peas & Feta cheese : These are very good for salads.
*Organic Pasta: Since I make pasta every now and then as lunch for kids, this is a good buy.

*Moisturizers: Right from kids Cetaphil moisturizer to Aveeno that we use , we buy them from Costco.
*Shredded Mozzarella cheese: This is a good buy as we always make pizza at home. Read this post to know how .
*Kids stuff: This year we got kids swim wear, some dresses and some books from Costco. There are a lot of other stuff that we pick up when we sample and like them. Also we get kids juice “Honest Kids” and other snacks like Graham crackers.
 We also buy chips, trail mix,  nuts and soap bars from there. I know some of my friends who buy milk also from Costco. Wow!!! we buy so many products from there. No wonder that every time we shop from there our bill is surely more than 100$.Do share your thoughts and also other products that you buy from there.