Are you a Costco member?? Read this post

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a nice day. Recently my I phone charger socket was not working. I found this website, from where I bought it for as low as 10$. There are other also other products  in this website which are very cheap and useful with free standard shipping. Check this out for sure.
Coming to today’s topic, it is a long due to one of my friend who had requested me to write on what all products we buy from Costco. Here is the list
*Oil: We buy both “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “Canola” oil for cooking from Costco. My friend buys grape seed oil which she uses for deep frying. I always think I should get it but have been forgetting. As far as I have researched the extra virgin olive oil is surely cheaper in Costco. Also buying oil in bulk is not a bad idea , we somehow use it.

*Sugar: We always buy the organic cane sugar from Costco. After I read an article about all the chemicals added in the process of bleaching white sugar , we stopped buying bleached white sugar. It is always a good idea to get organic cane sugar although it is 3 times more expensive than the bleached version.

*Bread: We love the bread at Costco. We usually buy any one of these  Multigrain, Whole Wheat  Oat&Nut, Sprouted Honey Wheat, Sunflower seed breads. If you think  2 loafs is a lot, freeze the second  loaf and when the first one is  almost over bring the second one out of the freezer and use it.

*Sandwich thins: This forms an excellent base for mini pizza for kids  and also for cheese sandwich for kids. We really love this one. You can alternate between bread and this , just to have some variety.

*Diapers and baby wipes: I find diapers and wipes are very cheap compared to other places. We always look for coupons on them and buy in bulk. We buy Huggies diapers and Kirkland wipes

We buy a lot more products from there. Stay tuned to know more. Please add your comments.