Why should you cook your own food??

Hello friends..Happy Rakshabandan and Avani Avitam . I cooked a nice lunch today with vadai and kheer. But the whole cleaning process  after that took a long time. As I was cleaning the dishes I was just thinking about our maid in India.My mom used to be just tired cooking, but the maid would take care of cleaning. Here I have to do the cleaning part too. All these questions rose in my mind
*Why dont we make our cooking process easier??
*Why am I wasting my whole weekend just cooking and cleaning??
*May be I should make some changes to what we eat??

After I was done with cleaning , I started browsing through Facebook  and one of my friend posted this amazing video about goodness of home cooking.

The professor in this video clearly explains how the whole fast food industry came into picture and why we should not rely on these industries to get our dinner. With this fast paced world we all think that we dont have time for cooking. But just listen to this video and it might help you have a new perspective about it.

Eating out is in the rise everywhere. Last time when we visited India I was surprised by the amount of people eating out on a weekday. Earlier when I was little my parents used to take us out on rare occasions, mostly only on weekends and now it is very different.
Also this video made my day and made me feel better. In my household I make sure at least 90% of what my family eats is home made and I try to make it healthy to some extent. I never buy frozen veggies or any canned foods. I always like to make my own yogurt and grind idly/dosa batter to avoid the preservatives in them. I like cooking as I am creating something new. My main aim on doing all this is not to live longer, but to be more active and mobile and give myself enough work 🙂  and on top of all, a feeling of satisfaction. Please do share your thoughts on this. Check other posts related to this topic here General tips.