Beware of your surroundings in a gas could be easily looted

Hello everyone..It is almost Thursday and weekend is so close. I am always  more happy on Thursday’s as we start planning for the weekend on Thursday.Had a normal day at work and played with my kids for a while in the evening.

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Whenever you pump in any gas station make sure you dont pay the full gas price. Read this post fro more info Never pay full price at the Gas station. Apart from this you have to be very careful. These are the things that you are supposed to keep in mind when you pump gas in a gas station :
    *Never leave your purse/wallet on the passenger car seat take it along with you
    *Never leave your phone in the car when you get down to pump.
    *Lock the car if possible after you get down to pump.

Cops have found a new type of robbers called “sliders” who just come in another car, park close to your car while you are pumping at the gas station and slowly open your car door from the other side take your belongings and drive away. Their main targets are “LADIES” who are alone. You will not even realize that you are robbed. Watch this below video to know more


Be very careful. After I watched the video I realized that I do all the things that I am not supposed to and I  have been lucky. But I cant rely on luck always. I am making a mental note to be more careful about what I do in a gas station. Please share your thoughts on this.