What does the number sticker on fruits mean?


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Fruits are considered to protect our immune system and provide us with many good nutrition. We always think eating a fruit is healthy. Have you all noticed a  number sticker on all the fruits that we buy? . Have you ever wondered what they mean? .I was very curious as to what each PLU  code means and  most of these codes start with the number 3,4,8 and 9. This is what I discovered about it.

Code 3 or 4 wash well before you consume it. These fruits are grown in traditional method and could contain pesticides in their skin. Wash them well before you eat it.


Fruit with PLU code starting with 4

Number code starting with 8: Avoid food labels that starts with 8. It means that it was genetically modified. GMO fruits are not safe and try to stay away from them.


Number code starting with 9 : These are organic fruits. They are good to have and we should have a plenty of them.These are the ones that our body needs.


An easy way suggested in internet to remember these PLU codes are :

“I hate 8 ” meaning avoid fruits with PLU code starting with 8.

“9 is fine” 9 is organic so you are good to consume fruits with PLU code 8.

“3 or 4 are ok” wash them well before use.

It is really sad the way farming techniques are modified to  make profit than worried about consumers health. It is essential for us to know this and save our family.I am always in the look out for what to buy organic and what not to.Check out this post to know more on that topic https://indousmoms.com/what-products-do-you-buy-organic-certified/. Have a wonderful weekend and dont forget to like my FB page to get more updates.