Want to know what things to buy and not to buy from Dollar Store???

Hello everyone..I am having a relaxed weekend with not much to do..How is yours??. Thanks for the comments and likes for my previous post.
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When I first heard of Dollar Store I thought that it was a store with very poor quality products and I should keep away from it. Then when I checked one of the Dollar Store near our house,  I was totally impressed and changed my thoughts about it. Now I am a regular customer and have certain items that I get from there.
 Here is the list that you should buy

*Pencils,crayon, workbooks, water painting color and brush, eraser or any other items related to do some activity with kids I always go there to get them.
*During summer they have some tubes for kids to use them to swim in the pool.
*Some cleaning supplies can also be bought from Dollar Store. Check in you nearby Dollar store to see what they have to offer.
*Brooms, pail ,tubs can be bought from there.
*Many party supplies are also available like decoration items, paper plates, cups ,napkins, aluminium trays party hats, balloons can be got from there
*Greeting cards and Thank you cards are very cheap. Check this post to know more  about what type of cards you can get.
*Pregnancy test , this is something I recently researched and found that they carry and it is a great deal to get them for a dollar.
*You can get aluminium foil, baking sheets and clear plastic sheets from there
*You can get glassware,mugs  from there.
*Gift wraps and gift bags can be bought for cheap from there.
*Plastic storage containers and water bottles can be bought from there.
List you should not buy:
*Never buy any food products and baby food products.
*Say a big no to beauty products.
*Any type of electronic items  dont buy it from here.
*Dont buy any toys that children can put in their mouth.
Hope this helps and please free feel to add a list of things that you buy from the dollar store. If you have never been there , just check it out to see if it is worth it. To see other  related posts check here   Money saving tips