Rotimatic, is it worth a try??

Hello Everyone..Hope your Saturday afternoon is going good, mine is going very relaxed with some alone time and a lot of things in my “to-do” list.
For everyone in Austin there is a Groupon for Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant ($16 for $30). Last time we went there for our girls night out dinner and the whole experience was very good. Their food is amazing and  is very similar to Indian cuisine.The “injera” made of teff flour is very healthy. Reservation is required for party of 4 or more so make sure you reserve a table if you are using this groupon.
Coming to today’s topic, the only method that I know of making roti with the use of some machine is
  *Knead the dough using ULTRA wet grinder . (There is a 40% off on Ultra Wet Grinders on Amazon click the link ULTRA DURA+ 1.25L wet grinder, with this offer it makes the price of it equivalent to what you will pay in India)
*Then use the Roti Press to flatten the dough and cook it on the pan.

Now there is a new machine, which does everything for you. It also holds the dough worth of 20 rotis and with the press of a button you can make roti’s whenever you want. Watch this video to know more.

The reviews are also out. Watch this video to know the reviews. I hope they are real.
Then when I researched more about the price of this product it has a hefty pre-order price  “$599”  and general price “$999”.  I was wondering if this would make in every household with this price tag. Then I got reminded of one product which I thought is insanely priced but finally I bought it, that is Vitamix. I see Vitamix in most of my friends house now.
 I am very skeptical about rotimatic, since I got the roti maker from India and I was never able to make good rotis from it. I think I would surely like to try it first before I buy. So if you have preorderd let me know after it is delivered I would love to try it and see.
 I am pretty sure rotimatic will have a place soon in most of the Indian households in  US, UK, Singapore and other countries. No wonder the company has reached $4.5 million in pre-order during first week and no more pre-orders taken as of now.But will it take a place in every house hold in the land of roti’s “India”??? is still a big question. I firmly believe the answer is “NO” since most people get rotis at a cheaper price or easily make them at home in India. But India is reaching its heights of “westernization” where Halloween is widely celebrated ,so you never know.