Should we really ban circus???

Hello All, Hope all of you had a very nice weekend. My weekend was very  busy . On Saturday we went to the circus at Frank Erwin Center and then to a birthday party. Sunday we had other things to get done and by Monday morning I was very very tired.

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On Saturday we went to the Circus. This is my first experience watching circus as an adult. As a kid I have been to circus multiple times in India and enjoyed it so much. So when we heard that circus is going to be to Austin my husband immediately booked the tickets and we were all excited to go and watch the show. My son was a very good boy the whole of last week in order to enjoy the circus show on Saturday. We told him about the animals and then showed some videos so he doesn’t get scared.

On Saturday we went to the venue and as we were walking toward the theater we saw some people holding signs “Ban circus as they ill-treat animals “. It was something new to me. I have never seen circus from that point of view.
Then we got into the auditorium. The show started and my kids enjoyed every part where an animal was involved. We saw elephants, tigers , horses and dogs.But when I saw those animals I could see a fear in them,  for every beat of the music they had to perform correctly. In-fact I got tears in my eyes after I saw the tigers act. I was wondering if these tigers even knew they were tigers for real.
I came out with a heavy heart. The elephants also didn’t look that well fed. Then one of our friend told us that they drug most of the ferocious animals for safety reasons. This whole circus experience was very new to me. I really pity the animals and I doubt if I would take my kids again to a circus show. Please share your thoughts on this.