Benefits of probiotics for kids

Before my kids were born I had no idea about antibiotics and probiotics. I have hardly taken any medicines in India other than Crocin for fever and our  family doctor always gave us  white tablets in a small brown cover and no one dared to ask what it contained. We just blindly followed what he said. More than the medicine, if I visit the doctor itself I would feel better.

Later with my son whenever he had ear infection or any other bacterial infection the doctor always prescribed antibiotics. During a stage of his life he was on antibiotics for more than 3 months. His stomach used to be affected a lot and our doctor asked us to give him more yogurt. This is when my curiosity on this topic increased.

As I started reading more about the bacteria in our system I came to know about good and bad bacteria and what happens when there is an imbalance between them in our digestive system . Then I understood that  antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria that causes infection, it also kills the good bacteria in our system. So it is required to take probiotics as it strengthens the immune system.So it is very much required to give a probiotics to kids on a daily basis.

Florastor Probiotic for kids  is what we use  and have seen excellent results. These are the scenarios I would immediately give my kids this probiotic
*Whenever their stools are loose could be even due to teething.
*When they are sick and are on antibiotics.
*When they have severe diarrhea
*When they have allergies
*We carry this to India . Last time when we went to India, I gave 2 packs one in the morning and one in the evening along with yogurt to my son and he never got sick even if he ate out.
In fact it is really a good idea to take a probiotic for adults too whenever you are travelling. We also carry this Culturelle probiotic for adults when we go to India. We will pop a tablet and eat even on road side shops and our tummy never gets affected. We also take it on a regular basis even when not travelling.

As always check with your doctor on the dosage. My doctor told me it is really good to give kids a lot of yogurt everyday to maintain the good bacteria’s in the digestive system. On occasions where you feel just yogurt is not enough then you can always give probiotics 2 pack a day. Please share your thoughts on this.