Five things that I learnt from successful people !!!

Very busy week, never got the time to really sit and write a post . Last Sunday I went to a stand up comedy and dance program organised for the 10th anniversary of Kalalaya Austin. It was very good. I laughed thoroughly throughout the stand up comedy. Hats off to the team for their hard work and dedication.

We got a set of RC controlled helicopters like this before and our kids really enjoy trying to catch these when my husband flies them. Do check it out, it is a very good deal on Groupon RC controlled helicopter. More than the kids my husband likes to fly them , it is a very good overall family fun.

I like to read biographies as I am  always curious on how that person attained his/her goals. When you dig deep you find out that no one attains success overnight. There are lot of things that go into it and it is a process.Also success is very momentary.I would like to list some of the traits that I found in most successful people that I always try to follow.

*Find what you are good at: Most successful people have followed their passion and have did what they liked. If you know that you are passionate about something , you got to do it more often , it will surely give you confidence and will help to find who you really are. Steve Jobs biography clearly says how much he loved technology and how he followed that path to start a company like Apple.

*Take the road less traveled by or even better not taken by others: This is very important. There is a lot of risk involved but you will be able to succeed only when you think out of the box. When you read about Maria Montessori I feel like she was able to see kids from a different perspective and hence she succeeded in finding a way to keep them occupied and not call them as trouble.

*Never give up: There might be so many obstacles to reach the goal you have. I am surprised how most successful people turn obstacles to a path. When you read the biography of J K Rowling it is very clear how even when you are in the middle of poverty and when your writing is rejected you should still not give up and keep trying, someone will know your worth.

*Create Opportunities : Most of the times we will never find opportunities to show case our talents in that case we need to create them.When you read about Michael Dell, you will understand how he realized that nobody sold computers directly to consumers and he wanted to start a business based on that and he did become successful.

*Turn your limitations to strength: This is the most important thing. In life we always focus on our limitations too much, we need to think on how to make them our strength. Actor Amitabh Bachchan is a great example for this. Most heroes even when they get old try to look young and worry about aging. He is one actor who takes his age as a strength and does roles accordingly. His recent movie ‘Piku’ is one such example.

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