Even the earth is constantly moving but why don’t our kids??

The rains in Austin are spoiling the spring play time for kids, especially during weekends. Increasingly we see many kids glued to electronic devices in restaurants, shopping mall etc which is really sad. 

There are good deals for Kids Outdoor Toys, do check them out.Kids these days are missing out on a lot of things. Out of everything they miss, the most vital one is the memories of playing outdoor games with friends during childhood. I have a lot of memories of playing different outdoor games with my friends, fighting with them patching up and expressing my emotions of joy when I win, sadness when I lose and so on. I grew up in the 80’s in Chennai, a city in South India. Now I have immigrated to the US and have a son who is 4 1/2 years old and a daughter who is 2 ½ years old. They both pretty much play indoors and we try to take them for cycling, swimming or even for a walk during summer. 
During my childhood days, after school, I would come home and immediately get out and play with my friends. After play, I would go home finish my homework, have dinner and will sleep immediately as I was very tired. My parents never worried about summer camps to keep me occupied during summer.

 Of course I am in a different generation now, thanks to technology to which, I also contribute a little bit that make kids glued to tablets, phones. There are some small things we can do to keep our kids moving and playing and these are the 5 main reasons why we you should do it
1)      Relieves stress: You might ask me what stress a 4 or 5 year old might face. Just imagine yourself being bossed over by 2 people (parents) who have no time to really talk or play with and you have to listen to them all the time . As I am writing this, I am getting stressed out.
2)      Gives them happiness: Anytime I ask my son if he wants to go out and play or ride the bi-cycle he is ready and happy. These are small joys that we can give them.
3)      Changes their attitude towards life: Playing with a group of friends, teaches a lot of things to these small kids who are innocent and yet to face the real world. It helps them in handling real life issues better.
4)      Helps in their well-being: Childhood obesity is a very common problem in this day and age. Many diseases are seen so common among kids in this generation. Also most kids seem to wear glasses at a very young age due to too much exposure to the monitor’s (TV/IPAD/ etc). Playing keeps them fit and also aids to their well –being. Researchers have observed that physically active children are less likely to suffer from high-blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases, later in life.
5)      They are tired and they sleep: This is the important mantra. In the current busy world parents get very little time to even sit and talk with each other. Kids with loads off energy are up until 11pm and when they sleep we also sleep. If the kids play well they get tired and hit the bed sooner, which means more time with your loved ones. 

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