Are diamonds really precious??

Diamonds are  considered very precious across the globe. Most men enter their adulthood and spend all their savings on a precious shiny rock which they present to their lady love.In Indian tradition blue diamonds are considered very precious. Even though wearing a diamond ring after wedding is not a part of the tradition I grew up,  I made my husband get a diamond ring for me :).  Have any of you wondered how this tradition came into our lives ?? Who started this ?? Was this a very important tradition in the past.

The tradition of exchanging rings was started in 1948 , before that it was done occasionally. So what happened in 1948 ?? .

Diamond mining gained a lot of importance in early 1940’s. Tremendous improvement in technology for diamond mining was found in the 1940’s and this lead to many people mining on their own. Soon there was lot of diamonds in the market and that lead to a decline in the price and demand for diamonds. This made many diamond companies to run in a loss. De Beers the giant diamond company decided  to acquire monopoly to control these diamond mines. They eventually succeeded and got full control of all the diamond mines across the world.  Kimberley mines in Africa was the place where all this started.  The workers in the mines are really tortured and they dont have a life. Africa with all these wealth is still not a developed country since these mines are taken control of by some one else. I watched “Blood diamond”  documentary on youtube  where the author talks about the story behind these diamonds.

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There is so much politics and crime and hate around diamond mining. Some groups who dont like this control started many wars in areas and many people lost their life. Diamonds are not really that rare.  De Beers  carefully restricts the supply of diamonds to make them rare. Demand for diamonds is believed to be a clever marketing invention. In this documentary the author talks about how we are not so aware of the origin of these diamonds and we spend so much on it. The real truth is diamonds are not an investment yet we believe that it is a symbol of love or rather made to believe. It is one of the most common gems that is made rare, yet I think our love for diamonds never die.

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