Where do I really belong to???

I just want to dive into a different topic today.This is a question that I always have in my mind.Let me explain.Most NRI’s will be able to relate to this post.Many young Indian citizens profile will look like this

  •      born in India
  •      raised in India
  •      went abroad to study (Hoping for a bright future and thinking grass on other land is green)
  •      work there 
  •      confused whether to return back or settle there 
Believe me I am one of them.I am an Indian with the exact same profile.Even people with this profile who have settled in one country would have been in a difficult position before they really made the decision to stay or move back. I really appreciate all those who made the decision and stuck to it.
I would like to explain the position of people like me who are struggling to make the call.So I am an Indian but I dont live there anymore or cant relate to so many things happening there. I miss every happy/sad event in the family still try to connect to my  parents at least during weekends to find out how they are doing.Every time after visiting India around the last day of vacation I feel like I want to go back to my house and sleep in my bed at the same time  feel like what am I doing abroad leaving my parents here and live with the fear of not being able to make it on time when they are no more.
Let me come to my life abroad. I have a house, a job and routine monotonous life where the country where I am has stringent immigrant laws and not ready to accept me as a citizen. I can do everything here but I am just a skilled worker who cannot have all the rights of a citizen and cant even change my job title until I reach a stage to get my permanent resident status. My kids are born here and they belong to this land (some countries dont allow even that). Even after all this if I still become a citizen of my immigrant land my heart will be really happy to listen only to Jana Ghana Mana. So now you all tell me where do I really belong to? ?