What is the last name of Okra??

What an amazing weekend. Was out most of the weekend to attend baby shower, birthday parties and visited and had some guests over.Was very busy and I didn’t realize when the weekend started and ended.One more reason for weekends to get busier is the classes. We just started our son for his swimming classes and I already see some part of my weekend taken away. August has been the busiest month with respect to birthday parties. We have one more next weekend to attend :).

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Happy Krishna Jayanthi to everyone and today’s topic is something about what my little Krishna told me today. My son really loves okra. We grow okra plants  in our veggie garden and he helps my husband water it and pluck the good ones.Usually as soon as I get 5-6 Okras I make sambar and my son will be very very happy to eat it with dosa. Now I am collecting more so I can make a curry out of it.

                                                Our yield so far from the okra plants

My son asked me today why I haven’t made the “okra sambar” for a while. I told him I am collecting more so I can make “okra curry”. He got very upset and asked me not to call okra with that last name. I didn’t understand what he was saying. He told me “Amma listen, Okra’s last name is sambar and broccoli, potato and cabbage’s last name is “curry”. I was wonder struck. I didn’t know he interprets first and last name for the dishes we make.  This is how little minds work???. To read more about topics related to kids click here.Have a nice week ahead and stay tuned 🙂