Sweet Sibling

Very unusually I am happy on a Sunday evening since it is a long weekend and today I got two good news.One of our very close friend delivered her second baby and my husband’s cousin is expecting a second kid.This lead me to the thoughts of how we decided to have our second kid.

It was an easy decision for us since I have a sibling and knew that siblings are the best gifts  that we can give  our kid.My husband is a single kid, though he grew up with his cousins I always feel having your own sister or brother is something different.

No one other than your sibling can understand you and your crazy family especially your parents better.Also they are the ones who stand for you when you really need them.They know you in and out.You can share anything with them as they don’t judge you.End of the day blood is thicker than water.If you have a sibling you will be surprised to see some of your characteristics in your niece/nephew.Siblings are the ones whom you can trust other than your own family.Even small misunderstandings between siblings will fly with a sorry then you will be back together.
We always didn’t want our son to stand alone in this world after us.So we did our part. For those who don’t have a sibling I don’t think you can or could have done something about it. But you can always give this gift to your kid. So parents with single kids what are you all waiting for? (Thank God I am not in China).