Our Garden :)

 Happy Summer !!!!I really like summer since we can get out without a jacket, socks and other accessories. Kids get to play outside and above all we can do gardening.After reading this post Planning a road trip with young kids ?? Here are some tips !! many of you asked me to post about my garden.

We have a friend who really inspired us to start our garden. When we bought our house we decided where we wanted the vegetable patch. We built a raised bed around that patch and filled it with soil bought from Geogrowers.

Usually we buy seeds and saplings from Natural Gardeners.  In the past two years we have planted few fruit trees and veggie plants. For Texas heat plants like okra,eggplant,peppers, tomato, mint  and cucumber usually thrive well. We have planted all these this summer.

Produce collected over a week


Gardening is a lot of work and it needs a lot of maintenance.   My husband set up drip irrigation using soaker pipes and a using a timer   we set up the time when the vegetable bed should be watered. We also use neem pesticide to protect plants from pesticide.

Gardening is a an art and it takes a lot of hard work.  Finally when you cook something using veggies from your garden it is a great sense of accomplishment. My kids really like to see the veggies grow from flower.  I know many of you maintain a wonderful garden. Do share some pics and also tips. Have a wonderful week and will meet you all soon with another post.

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