Missing someone or something or being missed !!!!! have you experienced this ??

Hello Friends, I am really happy to write a post after a long time. We were on vacation for a few weeks and I am  realizing  how difficult it is to get back to “THE ROUTINE” .We all need a break to at least realize how crazily we are running around doing things. Even my vacation was hectic , let me come to that later. The moment we reached home was when I realized how much we all  missed  “OUR HOME”. My son came running to me after we entered our home after vacation and said “Thank you appa and amma for buying me this house and my bed. I really like it !!!(though he never sleeps in his own bed ).

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After we came back from vacation all our friends were so nice to help  us settle very quickly. We got basic groceries and food delivered. We got dinner invites and above all when I heard the word ” We missed you all so much welcome back” I was very very happy. I dont know how to express that feeling. Thanks to all our friends who made our transition very smooth.

Even at work some of my co-workers told me that “they missed me”. All this makes my life worthwhile and happy that I have touched the heart of some people in some way. The highlight of all this was a letter to my son form our neighbor’s kid. Day before yesterday my husband came home with a mail saying it is for Pranav from his friend. I was surprised and opened it , it read
” Pranav come back soon I am missing you and I love you” . My son was all happy and he later called and thanked his friend for the mail. It was very sweet and thank you for that.

When I think of all this I am always reminded of this quote

I am pretty sure all of you miss something or someone or being missed at some point of time in your life. Just be happy that you have some one to miss or being missed , all these are indications that you are  doing things right in your life and continue it. Stay tuned for more posts and as usual share your thoughts !!!!!