What a wonderful day. Attended a baby shower in the afternoon. It was well organised and we had a lot of fun there. One of the games at the baby shower was to put pony tails on my husband’s hair and it was a lot of fun. In the evening we went to a play which my kids enjoyed a lot.
Today’s topic is  how “laundry” has changed through the course of my life. When I was young of course I did not worry about it. But later I remember helping my mom with folding clothes everyday, still I had all the time in the world then and doing it daily will take just few minutes. I used to starch my own cotton dresses, somehow I liked doing it, but have never pressed any of my clothes back in India.
When I landed in US, my friends asked me to get quarter coins change for 5$ . When I asked “why ?” they said you will need it for laundry. I just got it then in my university I had to take my dirty clothes to the common laundry room that was a bit far away from our home . Quarter dollar for washing and a quarter for drying and depends, if it doesn’t dry will have to spend more.I never liked folding so many clothes at a time. I used to hate this whole process.Once someone stole all my dress from the dryer (or took it by mistake), but never got them back. Then had to buy all clothes again.It was a pain. Those days I just wanted to have my own washer and dryer.

Slowly I got used to the fact that I have to wash ,dry and press my clothes. It was a very big change in my life.Then we got married and like me, my husband also doesn’t like to fold clothes. He will help me sometimes but I will have to re-fold all of them again, so I try not to ask these days. Then every week we did two loads of clothes whites and colors and every 3 weeks all sheets. Then when my son was born it became three loads, kids clothes , whites, colors and every three weeks all sheets. If you have read my previous post potty training tips when there are accidents it is more laundry. Now after my daughter the number of loads hasn’t changed but the clothes to fold have dramatically increased and it takes a major portion of my weekend. I need some tips on how you all handle this? Sometimes I think Adam and Eve were better of, at least they did not have to do laundry.Please share your thoughts and also tips on how to make it simpler.