Is he the next Steve Jobs??

Hello All, had a wonderful weekend and did so many things. Met some friends on Friday evening. Saturday we took the kids to “Thinkery” and then I went on a girls night out. Sunday is when I got things done around the house and took the kids to the pool. Feeling  accomplished 🙂

Recently we bought this  6 tier shoe rack. The interesting thing about it is you can divide it into 2 racks of 3 tier each. We have one in our covered patio for the backyard flip flops and one in the front near the garage for the regular sandals.

We have the next Steve Jobs, who is he?? He is the mind behind major firms like Paypal, Tesla Motors, Hyper loop, Space X . His interviews are inspiring and also very motivating. It makes me think “How does he even think like this?”.
 Recently his firm Space X is trying to build re-usable rockets to help humans travel between planets. The next main project is to see if we can go to MARS and establish habitat there as EARTH might be destroyed sooner or later.

“Hyper loop” is a conceptual high-speed transportation system envisioned by this genius entrepreneur.  The technology is very advanced and is aimed to make the travel from SFO to LA in 35 minutes.
His contributions on developing one of the best cars on the US roads  “TESLA” is mind blowing and I think it would be great to own one if we can afford it. The frunk and trunk provides more space . It has taken electric cars to the next level.
He is the co-founder of Paypal . He owns the CEO title on most of the companies that he started and his net worth is 12 billion. By now you all know whom I am talking about. It is “Elon Musk”. He is a visionary and I am pretty sure he is the next Steve Jobs. He is taking technology to a new level and is also making all his patents on the TESLA car open. Which is a move that I quiet dont  understand as to why??.
After hearing his interview the thing that struck my mind is ,one of my friend’s mom in India did not like the fact that so many graduates from India are immigrating to US, just because that we are going so far away from the family and cant meet often. She used to say “You all will understand what pain parents in India go through sending their kids to US only when your kids go to MARS and you all still live in US , waiting for them to visit you once in a decade”. Those words are still ringing in my mind and may be it will become true soon.