India Vs Australia what to expect !!!!

Spring is here and we are enjoying the wonderful weather. The garden work starts again.There are lot of leaves in our backyard  and I recently learned that dried  leaves are not good for the lawn we need to rake them. There is a good deal for a vacuum that collects these leaves Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher. Check this out.

On 15th Feb here in US (14th Feb) we all  witnessed India Vs Pakistan, forgetting even Valentines day and enjoyed a  wonderful victory by our team . Then we all again geared up to watch India Vs South Africa on 22nd Feb. What a wonderful match it was and yes we won it again. Matches against UAE and Ireland were comparatively easy and I really pity those teams. West Indies did give a tough match but India still managed to win it. I watched the match against Zimbabwe and what a performance by the Indian team.

Finally India reached Quater finals and India Vs Bangladesh was an interesting match and we all know the story. Always the losing team cribs we cant do much about it.

Here we are in the semi-finals against a very competitive team. We all want India to win. There is no other country than India which really follows cricket this crazily. I wish  the Indian team good luck and it will be a proud moment for all of us if we grab the cup for the third time. Here are some tidbits about today’s match:

  • Looks like 70% of the tickets in Sydney cricket ground is purchased by Indians , so expect more blue shirts than yellow shirts in the crowd.
  • Both teams will play under immense pressure. So expect more a lot of mistakes from both teams.
  • Most bookies have bet that Australia will  beat India.
  • Dhoni will not take a defeat in semi-finals
  • India has a very good line up of batsman which is a big plus.
  • Indian team fielding has been consistent and really good .
India has been undefeated in this series. Toss plays an important role will see if it will favor India. Good luck to my favorite team and hope they win. I am all set to enjoy the spectacle. What about you??.