How to reduce STRESS STRESs STREss STRess STress Stress stress ??

What a wonderful weather on a weekend. Valentines day is around the corner and it is going to be a year since I started writing this blog. Check out my post on Valentines day last year. I never thought I would write for a year !!!.

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Most of our lives are  stressed out. Initially I thought the reason for my stress is that I have 2 kids and I try to manage home and work. Surprisingly when I talk to some of my friends who are stay at home moms , they are also stressed out about something else. Some of the reasons that I think  for stress are that we all try to achieve more that we can we can. We multi -task most of the times.  We are never happy with what we have. If we fail to do the planned things ,we brood over it and stress ourselves even more.We always want to provide the best for others in our family especially our kids. Sometimes there is no reason but still we are stressed out and no time for anything. I think most of you will agree with me on this.

Yesterday at work I attended a seminar presented by a volunteer from “Art of Living”. The main focus of the seminar was to reduce stress. I was determined to attend this to know more on how to lead a simpler life.  The person pointed out the main reasons for our stress or unhappiness is due to the nature of our  mind
*Our mind always tends to focus on the negatives
*Our mind always likes to linger around the past like regret (If I have done that…..)
*Our mind is anxious or fearful of the future
This made so many things clear to me, we do more than we can, so that we don’t get  into the negative thoughts of the feeling that “we are not capable” in the fear of future. Being aware of this and controlling your mind is important and it can be done by meditation.  Also other things that he mentioned that are worth while sharing are:
* We always tend to post pone happiness. When we are in our teen we think we will be happy when we go to college, when we are in college we think we will be happy when we get a job and start working, when we get a job we think happiness is to get married , then kids , then when kids get out of the house etc…we never think at present moment we are happy
*The only way to be in present is by meditation and breathing skills
 “Being in the present” , that is something very hard .I am trying to see how far I can follow this mathra , hope some of you will benefit from this . Please share your thoughts 🙂