Happy New Year!!

Hello All, Hope all is well. First Monday of the year,hope all of you had a wonderful day. I had very good 2 week break with kids at home. Our kids school was closed .I would like to share few things that happened in last 2 weeks with you all

*I salute to all stay at home moms. I stayed home with my kids for 2 weeks and I realized how difficult of a job it is to take care of kids and also the household staying home. I really admire all of you, give yourself a pat for the wonderful job that you all do.

*One day we took our kids to thinkery (Austin Children’s Museum)and I came to know from a friend about this tie up between all Museums around the US  and Bank of America. Check this out for more information Museums on us . If you show your Bank of America credit or debit card with photo id you get free entry for one person during the first full weekend of every month. Grab this mommies with kids below 2 years as this would mean a free visit for you.  Also thinkery has donation entry every Wednesday from 4-8 pm. If you go on Wednesday evening you can drop in any amount that you want , they will have a donation box .

*We had family over for dinner one evening. I really enjoyed cooking for them and entertaining them.

*We (mainly my husband) put up curtains that we got from India in our living room , that was a great accomplishment and I really appreciate my husband for doing it.Check this out and let me know what you think about it

*Every year during new year’s eve I will be awake till 12 and will be all excited. This year I slept by 11 and treated it just like another day, May be I am maturing :).

*We had got some Hindu mythological story DVD from India and during TV time my son watched them. We went to Austin Hindu Temple yesterday and was amazed by how well he related all the stories he saw to the Gods and he chanted the slogas that we teach him everyday while driving to school in the car.

*There was some dance function at the Austin Hindu Temple yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed the  performances by the kids. I could not stay throughout the performance.

If any of you know or have a schedule of these performances in a year let me know , I would love to come and watch them. A picture taken during the performance.

*Finally made thiruvathirai kali and 7 kai kootu and had it for dinner today. Happy Thiruvathirai  to all of you.

New year has begun and the break is over and the busy schedule has started, for all of you who dont know there is a new rule in Austin that you cannot use handheld devices while driving. This is a very good rule but I always use my phone for navigation , we got this from amazon One Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6 (4.7) /5s/5c/4s, Galaxy S4/S3/S2, HTC One – Retail Packaging – Black after very good reviews from our friends and I really like it. Hope all of you have a nice week ahead and will see you soon with another post.