Feeling Lucky :)

Happy new year !!!!. Hope all of you had a wonderful break. I think most of you might have checked this post Water water everywhere, we have fixed it and it works really well.During our break we played Jenga block game with our friends. Even my 5 year old showed some interest in playing this game. It was a lot of fun. There is a deal in amazon and it costs $8.68 now. Get it and try the game and see, you will surely love it.

The Texas Power Ball lottery has reached its record number $1.5 billion.We all think that the person who wins the lottery is the most luckiest person. According to me everyone with a job , family , house ,food etc are lucky.In life we always have a lot of aspirations but at the end of it, I feel we are missing the most important things.

 At many instances I have considered myself very unlucky like  when I failed my drivers license or had a high risk pregnancy or when life doesn’t go as I think it should. Then I read these lines that said

When you have a lot of dishes in sink to wash feel lucky that you cooked and  had food 
When you  have too much laundry to do feel lucky that you have a family
When your car brakes down feel lucky that you have a car 
When things dont go so well at work feel lucky that you have a job
When you have a horrible day feel lucky that there is night and you can just sleep and end the day
When you wake up very late , fell lucky you are alive for another day

Positive thinking is my resolution for this year. It is just January,  but already this trick is making me react better to life situations, hope this would inspire some of you as well. Have a wonderful night and meet you soon with another post.Do share your thoughts on this.